What are you grateful for?

Someone asked me today, “What are you grateful for?” That was a good question. We talk about having a grateful spirit or attitude, but how often do we really list out in our minds what we are grateful for? Well it made me think specifically about what I was grateful for. So I want to share some of my list with you.

I’m grateful to God that because of Jesus’ provision on the cross, my sins (all of them) are forgiven.

I’m grateful for a mother and father who gave their hearts to Christ and showed their children how to live by faith.

I’m grateful for a precious wife, who loves me and accepts me even with all my faults.

I’m grateful for children who love the Lord, and are striving to serve Him.

I am grateful to God that he has allowed me to see my grandson, and look forward to seeing soon, five more little grandchildren. (God, please help me to instill in them a sense of awe and wonder of You.)

I’m grateful to be serving the Lord with you, here at FBC Chandler. To serve with a pastor and staff that have a heart to know and follow hard after Christ. To serve with this awesome body of believers who so beautifully reflect the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

My prayer for you today is to stop and think of all the things you have to be thankful for, and realize how rich you really are.

God Bless!
Bro. Kevin