First, thanks for stopping by!

A few things to expect when you visit First Baptist Chandler.

  • What to wear? – People wear from their “Sunday Best” to flip-flops with shorts and a T-Shirt. Just dress the way you are comfortable!
  • Parking – We have guest parking in the south parking lot as well as a number of handicap stalls and parking for expecting families and families with new arrivals.
  • What happens to kids? – Come on in, there is time for fellowship and getting acquainted inside our lobby. The greeters and ushers will work with you to get your children checked in securely and in the appropriate class.
  • Sunday school –  available for all ages. You should check with a greeter for the latest information.
  • Worship style – Our worship would be considered modern/contemporary. We gather in the worship center to corporately lift our song to the Lord, followed by the message from Pastor Paul Smith.

We hope to see you soon and desire to make you feel at home at First Baptist Chandler. If there is anything you need please let us know.

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Please sign our guestbook, this is an optional way of letting us know you’re coming to visit, so that we may be prepared to greet and welcome you to FBC Chandler. You may also “like” our Facebook page to keep in touch.


For more about us, check out Who We Are and What we Believe.