We Are On Facebook

Come over to facebook to keep in touch! And bring your friends too!

If you are on Internet, chances are that you have heard of Facebook. Did you know our church has been on Facebook since 2010? We have been using this important godsend to interact with thousands of people online with event reminders, photos and videos of our church events and activities, sermons, baptisms, and more. It is a very effective way for us to share the Good News of Jesus and to invite our friends and community to come to church.

In the past two years, we’ve seen the number of “likes” for our page rising steadily. We just celebrated the 400 likes milestone in June and need your help to reach more people:

  1. Sign up Facebook and Like our page.
  2. On our page, click Liked button then check Get Notifications. This is to turn on the notification for our page, so you will not miss out any update.
  3. Give a good review (hopefully 5 stars) using the Reviews on the left side of the Page’s timeline. This gives our community what to expect of our church.
  4. Like and/or comment on our postings (event announcements, pictures, sermons, etc.)
  5. For pictures and videos, feel free to tag yourself.
  6. Most importantly, share our church posts onto your own timeline, so that your Facebook friends will see what’s happening at our church too.

Thank you so much for your kind support to share the Good News on Facebook! If you have any questions, be sure to grab Leo or any of your Facebook friends and they will tell you how.