The PURE Path Principle

Psalm 119:9 makes a powerful observation, by asking a very poignant question, while following up with an answer, offering some eternal wisdom. I call it the “THE PURE PATH PRINCIPLE”:
“How can a young man keep his way PURE? By guarding it according to your WORD.”
The main reason many believers refer to those without Christ as “lost” is because they are without guidance or direction, unknowingly dead in their sin. When one comes to Christ, we accept that He justified us through His person and sacrifice, but we also begin a journey to holiness (THE PURE PATH). How can a young person keep their path PURE? Here are three things we must consider, if we truly desire to mature in Christ, maintaining a PURE PATH :( 1) we must consider that without God our path (life) is impure; and how abominable this must make us appear in the sight of God. (2) We must examine our paths (lives) according to God‘s word, and carefully hear what God has said concerning him and it. (3) We must keep guard, and preserve His path, which is His general design for our lives, from all defilement. Post-Modern Christian society has truly embraced the need for personal repair in the spiritual maturity process, but I feel that we need a stronger emphasis on preparing our young people for the days to come, so we won’t have to work so hard at repairing later in life. Choosing to live life on the PURE PATH, is not only wise, but is the most beneficial. Please take time and discuss the PURE PATH with your students and challenge them to take God at His word.

Ray C. Jones
Pastor to Students