The Power of Prayer

I have two grown daughters. Elesea and Hannah. Elesea lives with her husband in Ft. Worth, Texas, and this week Hannah found out she had a few days off in a row and wanted to go see her sister. I told her getting a flight four days ahead is very expensive and, sure enough, when she checked every airline was out of her price range.

I jokingly told her she better pray for some free flights to drop out of the air or else she couldn’t go. The next morning I got a call from someone who had free flights that were about to expire and wanted to give them away if I knew someone who could use them (they had to be used within a week). I told Hannah God had answered her prayers.

Wow – did it teach me so much.

1. Don’t joke about what prayer can do.

2. God is interested in everything about us. Nothing is too trivial for Him.

3. Don’t doubt the power of prayer and the power of God.

4. God works even when we don’t expect Him to.

It really bothers me how often I forget the power of prayer. I am working right now in my own spiritual journey to be more consistent in prayer and to pray with expectation that God does answer prayer. Even if those prayers are just for an air travel ticket. Perhaps we don’t see God’s power as we could because we don’t pray as we should.

Bro. Paul