The Light Has Come

“To our darkened world a light has come; to our broken hearts a day of hope has dawned. The mountains and the valleys lift their song, declaring the arrival of the Holy One. On the earth His love has shown we are not alone. God is with us, He has come to save us; Mercy lights the darkness; Christ is here. God is with us Healer of the broken; work of heaven spoken, Christ is here.”

These words taken from the song, “Christ Is Here” by Todd Fields, Seth Condrey and Eddie Kirkland, one of the songs we sang at our Christmas concert, so powerfully speak to us today. How we need light in a dark world.

Max Lucado reminds us in a prayer that “Jesus was born on a dark night. The shepherds that came to the manger were ”nightshift workers.” The wise men followed the star. Jesus’ first cries were heard in the shadows. To see His face, Mary and Joseph needed the light of a candle flame. It was a dark world He came to. It is a dark world today as well. But…the Light has come.”

May we, as a body of believers at First Baptist Church, be a reflection of that Light as we walk into a new year. May 2013 shine bright because we are holding up the Light of Christ in our world.

God bless you everyone!

Praising Him,

Bro. Kevin