Student Ministry

Ray C. Jones
Pastor to Students

Greetings FBC family, from your friendly neighborhood student pastor! It is truly a joy to serve you and your families in this impacting way. Our students are advancing in so many ways, sometimes it is hard to keep up. First of all, I would like to welcome our new Sunday Bible study leaders: Sherrie  (9:30am) and Carlos & Crystal (11:00am).  God has gifted each of them uniquely for this and our students are the better for their ministry. Currently they are teaching combined classes (with Jr. High & Sr. High Students). Due to our awesome growth, we are in need of someone to teach (Jr. High) Bible study at 9:30am. I am inviting all who have a desire to impact the lives of youth in the area of Bible Study to contact Pastor Ray.

In addition to this, we are gearing up for a busy spring season of fun, excitement and spiritual growth. In our best efforts to prepare our students for summer camp, we have scheduled a number of fundraisers, so please support our students as they partake in these activities.

We are scheduled to launch our new student leadership program in March, for a host of students, whom all have voluntarily committed to a covenant to lead intentionally in a godly way in every area of their lives, not just at church. This group of committed young men and women will be known as “The UNASHAMED”

(Rom. 1:16).  Our aim with this group is to encourage godly boldness and enforce accountability in Christian leadership in our daily lives; setting godly examples for those in our perspective spheres of influence. While perfection is not required in this group, a desire for sincere spiritual maturity is required. We request your prayerful support for these young people.

We are proud to say we have begun a great relationship with the Hamilton High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), which is the beginning of many ministry partnerships, extending our ministry reach in our community. We request your prayerful support as we seek to be “salt and light” in Chandler, Arizona.


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