A Note From Steve

It has been a real honor for me to serve our church as Interim Pastor to Students over the past six months. We are very excited to have Ray Jones take over in January! If you haven’t met him, his wife Neicy, and their daughter Olivia, find them and say hello! They are a wonderful family and a welcome addition to our church.

We have had an incredible year in 2012. Our students have brought several friends to church for the first time, and we have really focused on service over the past few months. We gave out 3 gifts to each student who came to our Christmas party. One was the legend of the candy cane. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly suggest you search for the story online. Even our candy canes point to Jesus at Christmastime! We also made a cross necklace for every single student, as an outward sign of what we believe.

Finally, I put together a DVD including every major event we have held over the past 6 months in our youth group. It also includes the Gospel message as it was presented in December. This has been designed to be an outreach tool for students to encourage their friends to attend church and explain the importance of salvation. I have tried to focus our group on outreach and discipleship, so it seemed appropriate to give them something tangible to help.

We will be looking for some Sunday morning help moving forward. The Youth ministry has a class at 9:30 and at 11:00. We would like to find teachers in our church to lead these classes each week. You will be provided a curriculum, and it doesn’t take very long to prepare each week. The content is split into 13-week sessions, so ideally we would switch teachers each quarter. Even if you don’t have a student in our ministry, would you consider helping out? You can contact Ray at the church office if you are interested.

We still have events upcoming!

January 19-20 is the Canyon Music Festival, and we are provided discount tickets! You can attend 1 day for $15 or both days for $25. This event will feature Jars Of Clay, Thousand Foot Krutch, Spoken, Flatfoot 56, and many more. It also marks the return of Audio Adrenaline! You can purchase tickets on Sunday mornings in the foyer.

Some of you have seen me first thing in the morning, well dressed and ready to go. Others have seen me after a full day, and I look like a mess! It is extremely difficult to relate to teenagers in a meaningful way while keeping a clean, prim, and proper look all day long. But if the cost of changing their lives is simply changing my shirt – I will do it every single time.

Thank you for the opportunity to minister to our students; it has truly been my pleasure. These young men and young women have shown themselves to be capable and willing servants to the Lord.

-Steve Marshall
Former Interim Pastor to Students