Student Ministry

This past November has been a monumental month. Our youth group has seen lives changed from the inside out. We recently held a movie night to watch To Save A Life. This is a movie about a high school’s star basketball player who realizes that there is more to life than girls and parties when his childhood best friend commits suicide. He turns to church, but the students are just going through the motions. They end up re-inventing each other. We studied several themes and learned about our own strengths and weaknesses. Several students opened up more than they ever have before, and many said it was a life-changing event.

I recently had a friend attempt suicide. I praise God that He put me in this young man’s life and gave me the right words to say. The episode led to the most intense teaching of the armor of God that I have ever experienced. Several students gained an entirely new perspective that night and said it was the most profound Biblical lesson they have ever learned.

Sometimes, we just hold fun events, too! We had a pumpkin carving event in October. Our students realized that Jesus sees everything we have on the inside and takes out all the junk. Then He carves us into the image He wants us to be, and puts His light inside of us! And all of the credit goes to the carver, not to what was carved.

I always tell our students to bring their friends to our events, especially the simple, non-intimidating ones. One of our young men brought 2 friends who don’t attend church. One of those new friends visited the next Sunday with his mom. A few weeks later, his dad came as well. This is an entire family whose lives can be changed for Christ, just because a student invited his friend to carve a pumpkin!

We also taught about testimonies. Your testimony is basically the story of how God brought you from where you were to where you are, and it is one of the strongest tools you have when spreading the Gospel to those you know. This turned out to be another extremely powerful Wednesday night for our young people.

When I first took the job of Interim Pastor to Students, my major focus was on building, equipping, and sending out disciples. Church, we are doing it. I’m so excited to see the work that God is doing in our young people’s lives! Let’s keep it going. On December 29, we will meet at the church at 4:00 and drive to the Feed My Starving Children organization. We will pack meals for those in dire need. Please join us! We have 60 spots to fill, so bring the entire family. We have to register names ahead of time, so please email me ASAP with the number of people you will be bringing.

It continues to be my honor to serve our young men and women.


Steve Marshall