Revive My Circle

I don’t know about you, but the Lord has really challenged me through an awesome message from Psalm 85, to ask the Lord to revive me in my circle. Dr. Smith shared with us about drawing a circle, standing on it and asking God to bring revival inside the circle.

Well, I got my hymnal out and started looking at songs about revival.

Here are a few of the lines.

From “Lord Send A Revival” by B.B. McKinney:

Send a revival, O Christ, my Lord, let it go over the land and sea,

send it according to Thy dear Word, and let it begin with me.

Lord, send a revival, Lord send a revival, and let it begin with me.

I’m sure the Lord has been speaking to you in your circle as well. Have you thought, “What could happen?” if only you and I became “revived”? Our life would be affected, our family would be affected, our friends would be affected and our church would be affected for Jesus. Would you join with me and ask God to revive us? Let it begin with me!

Praising Him,

Bro. Kevin