Parent Connection (September 13, 2015)

Today’s lesson

Today, your kids learned about the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle.

A paper replication of the Ark is shown:


The ark was made with great attention. It was made out of wood and covered entirely in gold, inside and out. Two pure gold angels were on top where God would meet with Moses. Two poles, covered in gold, were attached to the sides for carrying.

Inside the ark, they stored the Ten Commandments, Aaron’s staff and a gold bowl.

In addition to the ark, the Israelites made a table, lampstand, tabernacle, altar, oil and priestly garments.  For now, this would be the church, and since the Israelites were heading for the Promised Land, everything had to be portable.

As I read through all of the work and honor (and expense) that went into making the Ark and Tabernacle, I am reminded of the time and commitment given by the people of our church. I’ve been working since I was 13 and in ministry for 18 years (for those of you wondering, I’m 50). I have never been a part of  anything as rewarding as serving alongside fellow believers in Christ. Your love for our Father and desire for your children to know Him is an honor to witness. Thank you for letting me join you on this journey. Let me know if I can ever answer questions or support you in any way.


Parents, love each other as Christ loves the church

Today is my 29th wedding anniversary which has me thinking a lot about our journey so far.

It hasn’t been easy. I am the only daughter of an ex-military and very ambitious father, and a mother who was the oldest of six raised on a “dirt-poor” farm. I was raised to be tough and independent. This doesn’t work well in marriage. I had to do a lot of changing. My husband had to change as well, but he’s not an up-front kind of guy, so we’ll leave him out of this. :)

The best advice I can give to couples is to love each other as Christ loves the church. What does that look like? Well, here are a few things that come to mind.

  • Keep no record of right or wrongs. Don’t hold mistakes against each other.
  • Forgive 70×7. I can’t say this enough.
  • Appreciate strengths and weaknesses and use them to compliment each other. Where one is weak, the other steps up.
  • Be the parents you want your kids to be. Never forget that they are always watching and learning from you.
  • Lastly, and most important, PRAY for each other! Just about the time you’re about to give up, hold tight to the One who never does!


Family Activity

Each week, we have an activity for families to do together. Our main objective is to help equip you as you become confident in your role as spiritual leader to your child.

If you ever need support in training your child in the way he/she should go, don’t hesitate to ask us or contact Tonya Lawson, Director of Children’s Ministries, at


Making an Ark of theCovenant

Supplies: Ark of the Covenant copies, tape, glue, scissors

First, read Exodus 25:10-22 together with your child.

Next, look at the measurements on the copies provided for the length and width of the Ark of the Covenant. A cubit is from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger -or- about 18 inches. Show your child how large the Ark of the Covenant was.

Finally, cut and assemble the Ark of the Covenant. A picture of the finished product is on the reverse side. If you’re not “crafty”, this might be a little frustrating, but ask God to replace that frustration for a clearer understanding of the joy the Israelites experienced as they put so much effort into each piece of this place of worship.

When you’re done, pray for the church, specifically your area of service. If you are not currently serving in the church, ask God where He would have your family serve, and wait for Him to bless your socks off!


If your child brings this back to Children’s Church, they will get an extra ticket in the treasure box.

Our family did this activity together.


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