Parent Connection (October 4, 2015)

Today’s lesson

We learned the hard truth of obedience and the consequences of disobedience today.

Moses lived a long life. The Bible says he was 120 years old when he died. He had taken the Israelites through a long journey, saw God’s miracles first hand, and witnessed the death of many family and friends. He also heard a lot of whining from the Israelites…

  • “You brought us out here just to let us die!”
  • “I’m hungry!”
  • “I’m tired of manna!”
  • “I’m thirsty!”
  • “Egypt was better than this!”
  • “We can’t take on those giants! We’re like grasshoppers compared to them!”
  • “We need a new leader!”

MosesStrikeMoses had the patience Job (pun intended), but today we learned that he was at the end of his rope with these people. Moses and Aaron went to God because the Israelites were thirsty. God told them to SPEAK to the rock, and it would release water.

Well, Moses lost his temper and hit the rock instead. God produced water, but Moses was punished as a result of his temper. For those of you who struggle with this, pay attention…

Moses and the Israelites had been taken from slavery and bondage and wandered for 40 years. That’s a long time, but God had a land flowing with milk and honey in store for them! This was the chosen land for the chosen people!

Moses never got to enter it, however. As a result of his rage and disobedience, God allowed him to see the land (Canaan), but he was never permitted to enter it.

How important is obedience to God?


Operation Christmas Child season starts in two weeks!

recommended-read-20151005I’ve learned so much about Operation Christmas Child from Franklin Graham’s book. Some of the things I’ve learned…

  • Cardboard is a commodity in some areas of the world. It can become a rug or shoes.
  • Kids who receive school supplies in their boxes are thrilled! They can now go to school!
  • Many kids in orphanages are bounced from place to place, never having anything of their own or feeling loved.
  • Some recipients of shoe boxes have been adopted to the states. Now they get to send shoeboxes to others!
  • Over 100,000,000 shoe boxes have been delivered in the name of Christ

-Tonya Lawson

Children’s Minister


Family Activity

Each week, we have an activity for families to do together. Our main objective is to help equip you as you become confident in your role as spiritual leader to your child.

If you ever need support in training your child in the way he/she should go, don’t hesitate to ask us or contact Tonya Lawson, Director of Children’s Ministries, at



Supplies: Bible and bikes or feet J

As the kids learned in our story today, obedience is very important to God. Chances are, your child or grandchild knows how important obedience is, but sometimes they just don’t feel like obeying. They’d rather have things their way instead. Whenever we disobey God, it’s the same as saying, “I don’t want to do things your way!”

First, go for a family walk or bike ride. Don’t tell your kids the route you’re taking or where you’re heading. The goal is for your kids to follow you without question or argument. If you are married, be sure to plan your route in advance so you can successfully keep this from your kids.

Later, read these verses about obedience and discuss them with your kids. Pray as a family, asking God to help you obey without question or argument.

Joshua 22:2-5     Psalm 40:8     Philippians 2:12-13     1 Peter 1:14    1 John 2:3

If your child brings this back to Children’s Church, they will get an extra ticket in the treasure box.

Our family did this activity together.


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