Parent Connection (May 7, 2017)

Today’s lesson…        John 9


Our story today is about a blind man. He had been blind since birth, so life was limited for him. He would spend his days sitting on the road, hoping people would have pity on him and give him money so he could buy his necessities.

One day, Jesus and His disciples saw the man, and the disciples asked if his blindness was due to sin. In John 9:3, Jesus’ answer was, basically, No, it was not because of his sin. He was blind so that “the works of God might be displayed in him.” I get so excited when I read Scripture like this and think about God letting someone be a part of His work! He could have chosen anybody in the world, but THIS BLIND MAN got to be used by God, so that the world could see His sovereignty and power!!!!

Then, Jesus spat on the ground, mixed some dirt into clay and put the clay on the man’s eyes! Personally, I would have never washed my eyes again, but then Jesus told him to wash in the Pool of Siloam, and he obeyed. For the very first time in his life, the man could see the birds and sky and sun and trees and grass!!!

Needless to say, people were WOWed! They took him to the Pharisees, and for them… not so much. They criticized Jesus for healing on the Sabbath! Are you kidding me?!!! People had seen this blind man for years! He’s finally healed, and all the Pharisees care about is rules?!!! They called Jesus a sinner, believe it or not, and threw the blind man out of the synagogue.

The blind man gave his life to Christ that day.

Hit the Pause Button

You’ve heard of football widows? Well, my husband is a VBS widower. This is VBS season for Cheryl Lugo and me, and Sabbath has been on my mind a lot lately. I found an article on Focus on the Family by Joanne Kraft.

“Over time, I noticed that some of God’s plan didn’t seem that important to our family, particularly that whole concept of Sabbath rest. Indeed, I’ve realized that my husband, Paul, and I have been modeling God’s design on something of a sliding scale. Integrity, honesty, respecting authority — sure, that’s all important stuff. But Sabbath rest? Isn’t that a bit old-fashioned? An hour or two in church should be sufficient, right? And then we can get on with the business of the day, which in some ways doesn’t look much different from any other day.

But God didn’t make Sabbath a gentle suggestion. Even He rested after a week of stitching together the universe. And if you flip to Exodus, He made Sabbath a commandment for His chosen people. Once, when I asked a Sunday school class what a commandment was, a little boy responded with, “A commandment is something a king says.” A great answer, I thought.

Our King has designed Sabbath as a time for rest and worship. And what’s more, God has designed us to need this rest.

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Wednesday at 6:30

Family Activity

Each week, we have an activity for families to do together. Our main objective is to help equip you as you become confident in your role as spiritual leader to your child. If you ever need support in training your child in the way he/she should go, don’t hesitate to ask us or contact Tonya Lawson, Director of Children’s Ministries.

Note: God not only gives the responsibility of spiritual training to you, the parents, but also your child’s grandparents. From now on, feel encouraged to include your child’s grandparents in the Family Activity. In fact, if you include your child’s grandparents, your child will get another buck. That means they can earn a possible four bucks/week (Attend Children’s Church—1 buck, bring Bible—1 buck, do Parent Connection Family Activity—1 buck, include grandparents on Family Activity—1 buck)! BTW, telephone conversations or Skyping about the Family Activity with grandparents count as inclusion.

Act out the Bible story

I can visualize a lot of emotions in our story today, and it sounded like a great one to dramatize this week!

Read John 9 as a family. Then, act it out. Let your kids really get in to it. Pull out the Play Doh to put on the blind man’s eyes. Dramatize several different scenarios of how people would treat the blind man at the beginning of the story. How would the disciples have acted when they heard about the Pharisees’ reactions? Remember, the disciples may have also been taught to observe the Sabbath and keep it holy, maybe to the point of legalism. How hard might this have been for them as well? Older kids are particularly good at putting themselves in other peoples’ shoes, so be sure to ask them what they think.

Lastly, pray together, thanking God for miracles and healing and for choosing us to be used by Him.

If your child brings this back to Children’s Church, they will get an extra ticket in the treasure box.

[  ] Our family did this activity together.

[  ] Our child’s grandparents were included.

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