Parent Connection (July 16, 2017)

Today’s lesson…        Acts 3:1—4:31


Today, your child learned about the first church and many being saved and baptized as a result of the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins.

One day, Peter and John saw a lame man sitting outside the temple. He had been lame since birth, and people had seen him for years. That day, God performed a miracle and allowed Peter to heal the man! He walked for the first time in his life! Obviously, the city was amazed at this, giving Peter the perfect opportunity to boldly share the gospel of Jesus—He told the people they were sinners who put Jesus on the cross because of their sin, but Jesus came back to life three days later, and if the people would repent (turn from their sin), they could be forgiven!

Soon, the temple priests arrived at the temple and heard Peter and John preaching about Jesus, the man they killed. The priests wanted Jesus out of the picture so the people would go back to honoring the temple leaders, so this made them angry and they arrested Peter and John.

God was still in control, though! In spite of the arrest, about 5000 people were saved! The day after their arrest, Peter and John were brought before the highest Jewish leaders, but they didn’t back down! Again, God showed His sovereign power, and the leaders let them go!

School’s starting already. It’s a great time to stop lying.

During VBS, the kids worked on journal-type books called Battle Strategies. One night, they answered the question, “Are you 100% sure you’ll go to Heaven some day?” and quite a few confessed they weren’t because they “lie a lot.” A lot of those kids also said that they didn’t want to talk to anybody about it, and they didn’t want anybody to visit them at their home. I want to respect that, but at the same time, my calling won’t allow me to just let it lie. Therefore, I’m taking this opportunity to encourage and help you, the parents.

Plan a special night with your child. Go out to eat, or fix their favorite meal at home, and come up with some topic starters in advance. Suggestions are: What was your favorite part of this summer? What do you wish you had more time to do? What is something you’d like to change about yourself this upcoming school year? Maybe your child doesn’t lie. Maybe they want to make better grades. Maybe they want to be a better friend. Maybe they want to set a challenging AR goal. Whatever it is, help them come up with a way to make that change happen. Winston Churchill said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Come up with a realistic scenario and help them come up with a desired response. In other words, discuss the consequences of lying. Ask them how things might be better if they told the truth.  Then say, “The next time you, for example, break a rule, how will you handle it?” Encourage them to write down their plan and put it somewhere to remind them often.

I’d love to hear how they succeeded in their new goal!

Family Activity

Each week, we have an activity for families to do together. Our main objective is to help equip you as you become confident in your role as spiritual leader to your child. If you ever need support in training your child in the way he/she should go, don’t hesitate to ask us or contact Tonya Lawson, Director of Children’s Ministries.

Note: God not only gives the responsibility of spiritual training to you, the parents, but also your child’s grandparents. From now on, feel encouraged to include your child’s grandparents in the Family Activity. In fact, if you include your child’s grandparents, your child will get another buck. That means they can earn a possible four bucks/week (Attend Children’s Church—1 buck, bring Bible—1 buck, do Parent Connection Family Activity—1 buck, include grandparents on Family Activity—1 buck)! BTW, telephone conversations or Skyping about the Family Activity with grandparents count as inclusion.

What do YOU want to change about yourself this year?

First, read the article on the reverse side if you haven’t already.

Next, do just what the article said. Make goals for yourself too! Your kids can be great accountability partners! Don’t forget to pray for wisdom, strength, and guidance with your new goals.

Let me know how your family did in this challenge!

If your child brings this back to Children’s Church, they will get an extra ticket in the treasure box.

[  ] Our family did this activity together.

[  ] Our child’s grandparents were included.

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