Parent Connection (May 3, 2015)

May 3, 2015

Today we learned about 1 Peter 2:18-24, which talks about following Jesus’ example. We called it walking in His footsteps.

Bible Skills

We explained this concept with a drawing exercise. Without seeing an example, they were given directions and asked to draw on a piece of paper. Some of them were pretty close while others were not. Afterward, we compared following these instructions with following in Jesus’ steps . Your kids probably follow in your footsteps for now, which is good, but nobody is perfect… except for Jesus! If we follow Jesus’ example, which we can find in the Bible, we will follow a perfect example!

Your child made a glow-in-the-dark memory verse footprint today. If they didn’t have time to cut the paper around the footprint, we told them they could do it at home. Please put it in a prominent location as a reminder to follow Jesus’ example in everything your family thinks, says and does.

Memory Verse

Supplies: Glow-in-the-dark footprint, crayons and Following in His Steps coloring sheet

Read the verse with your family and discuss its meaning. What should we do to follow Jesus’ steps? Some answers can be found on the Following in His Steps coloring sheet.

It might help your child to think of other examples while they color the sheet. Now work on memorizing the verse. If your child has this verse memorized next week, they’ll get an extra three Children’s Church bucks! Don’t forget the reference (1 Peter 2:21)!

Remember that we’re always here for you. If you need support, guidance, or help, contact Tonya Lawson, Children’s Minister, at 480-963-3439 or If your child brings this back next week with your signature, saying you did it together as a family, they will get an extra ticket to go in the Treasure Box drawing and a Children’s Church buck to save for the store.




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