Operation Christmas Child

Have you ever wondered what the impact is regarding the shoebox that YOU pack?

The Greatest Journey (TGJ) is a 12-week follow up discipleship program of learning for the children that accept Jesus as their personal Savior. All children are invited to the classes.


Reported decisions:

  • Every day 4,428 children accept Jesus
  • 2-3 children each minute of every day
  • Every 20 seconds a child becomes a follower of Jesus as reported through (TGJ)
  • 14 children make decisions for every 100 shoeboxes distributed.
  • Our region’s boxes were related to 103,000 decisions in 2016
  • It is equivalent to almost every public school student in the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming to give you an idea of numbers of children. (1.65M – 2016) making decisions for Christ.


Children Graduated:

  • Each week an average of 49,584 children graduated TGJ
  • The number of children that graduate TGJ each week would fill the Arizona Diamondbacks Chase Field(49,033)  Wow!


Teachers trained:

There are 435 teachers trained in TGJ EVERY DAY—(158,775)

In 2016 the number of teachers trained to lead TGJ is more than all the public school teachers in the Southwest Region combined!

  • Arizona (48,359)
  • Colorado (50,157)
  • New Mexico (22,239)
  • Utah  (27,247)
  • Wyoming (7,555)

The combined number of teachers in the four largest school districts in the U.S. is approximately 142,000.

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Miami-Dade County

As you can see, your filled shoebox is very important in spreading the gospel message to these sweet children. Keep on Keeping on. YOU are sending the very vessel that will carry the most important message these children will every receive—the Gospel Message in their very own language.


Last Call:

If you are planning to join us in November for processing shoeboxes I NEED TO KNOW right away as I will apply for our slots very soon.  I will submit all names that I get, so if I do not hear from you, you will need to make your own arrangements to volunteer.

If you think you are going it’s much better to get on the list NOW and bail out later. We can always reduce our number, however there is rarely an opportunity to grab more spaces right before we go.


Until every child knows Him!


Linda Hollinshead