A Note From Our Pastor

When I started martial arts, every student in the class was ahead of me. I worked hard. When others would take a month off I stayed with it. I tested for the next belt as quickly as I was allowed. I stretched, practiced at home, memorized terminology, drilled for untold hours, and kept going even after pulled muscles and injuries with no break. After four and a half years I earned my black belt (a black belt typically takes about 5 years to earn). I stayed after it and kept working hard, staying after class for extra training, came in early to teach classes, still took no time off and earned another belt. I had done it – I had made it to be the top student in our TaeKwonDo school. That means at the beginning of class I stand at head and begin each class. It is a position of honor and to be honest I’m proud of what I have accomplished. I worked hard and persistently and passed up every student who had been ahead of me when I start-ed. For the last year I have been in the top spot in the class. Then this month a student joined our school who had moved here from out of town. He has a higher rank than me and he is now in the position of the top student at the school. I was bothered that I was no longer number one. Wow. I have been reminded of how easily pride sneaks up on us. I went home the first night the new student was in class thinking “humility is never an easy lesson to learn.” Then is struck me. It is less painful to humble ourselves than it is to have God humble us. Don’t judge me, I am sure you have had similar experiences. No wonder the Bible tells us to humble ourselves. It is far more enjoyable than God humbling us by striking down our pride.

Bro. Paul preaches from the Bible using ESV.