Men’s Ministry

“The purpose of M2 is to provide activity/fellowship opportunities that encourage Christ-centered interaction and promote growth in family relationships; both genetic and spiritual.”

Members: Mike Spart, Roger Smith, Roger Felkins, Bruce Bower, David Douglas (Director)

  • Date for camp is TBD. Excellent camp for all men with great amenities and tremendous spiritual emphasis.
  • Men’s Breakfast: Check the calendar.
  • M2 Sponsored Super Bowl Pig BBQ.

Sports are an important part of M2. As stated last year, we have 4-different Sports represented here at FBCC. All sports are self-supported.

  • Golf- We’ll sponsor our 4th annual Golf Benefit for our Children/Youth.
  • Softball-Four separate seasons throughout year. This past year we added another team composed of a “co-rec” team. Currently, we are examining the need for a second men’s team.
  • Dodgeball-Tournament entries only. No league available at this time.
  • Basketball-Intramural pick-up games.
  • Chandler Recreational Center-The new Chandler Recreational Center at Tumbleweed Park should be completed early this next year. It should provide us new opportunities for activities.
  • Mentoring Men- Two overnight camps for men and sons (fishing emphasis).
    We intend to have other mentoring men activities to be added during year.

Mighty Men-I’ve had men and women approach me about this ministry need but no volunteers to lead ministry.

M2 Bible Studies/Devotional material- We pray for the beginning of a men’s weekly prayer group.