Love. The word brings a myriad of images to mind. Some people think of romance, others picture their car or cat, still others equate love with warm feelings inside. There are those who think of a person when they think of love – grandma, dad, spouse. This month Jerri and I celebrate 28 years of marriage. I remind her often it has been the best 28 years of her life! You know, some of those days we have not had warm feelings toward each other. Other times have not been very romantic (think changing diapers and cleaning up messes). What has kept us going strong for 28 years? Commitment. Love certainly involves romance and warm feelings, but most of all it is commitment. God is the one Who has modeled this type of love. Romans 5:8 says ” God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” I am sure there were no romantic or warm feelings when God gave up His Son. This was not a fun time. However, the cross reminds us of the commitment that undergirds love. God showed us His commitment when He sent His Son, Jesus, to the cross. Praise the Lord His love does not waver or wane, it is an eternal commitment.

Bro. Paul preaches from the Bible using ESV.