“I Am A Living Testimony”

In this Easter season, when the gospel story takes the forefront of all of our attentions, whether you’re serious church-goers, committed born-again believers or hopefully both. Jesus Christ lived 33.5 years in human flesh, fully man and fully God, ministering to the masses with miracles, healing and a message of salvation. Then He was crucified in the most horrid way imaginable. He was mocked, beaten, nailed to a cross and died on that cross. After three days in a tomb, He arises to new life with all power over heaven and earth; over life and death. He then returns to comfort and empower the church, furthermore ascending into heaven to prepare a place for all who have faith in Him. Jesus now sits at the right hand of God preparing a place for you, while simultaneously living in our hearts. \

As born-again believers, we should constantly be encouraged to share this great Gospel with those who have not yielded their lives to it. But the gateway to the sharing the gospel is our testimony and every born-again believer has a testimony. We must all be ready to share our testimony at anytime with anyone. A well-communicated testimony opens the door to the Gospel.

The most important elements of a testimony answer the following questions:

(1) Where were you before you came to Christ?

(2) How did you come to understand the gospel and trust Christ?

(3) What difference has He made now?

This Easter I encourage everyone to return to the basics. Write out your testimony briefly and naturally (try to get it down to two minutes). Go and share it. Then you can plant the seeds of salvation and share the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ more effectively and personally.