Evangelism Tip

Have you heard all the excitement over the new movie “The Hobbit?”

Well this is a great time to capitalize on all that with the new Hobbit Collectible Gospel Tract.

It’s a beautiful postcard size collectible with Gandalf on the front. Now if you don’t know who Gandalf is, you’ll just have to go to the movie to find out. And while you are there, here is a fun way to evangelize…

When you see the lines for The Hobbit, take a stack of the collectibles, go to the front of the line and announce that each person in line will receive a Hobbit collectible. Give instructions that they are to only take one and pass them back to make sure each person receives one. Hand the  stack to the first person in line and watch them do the rest…and you are off to get popcorn!

Of course hand them to the cashier when you pay for your snacks and the ticket taker too. Don’t forget to leave one in the stall of the restroom when you take a little break:)

With this being the hottest movie out right now, even if you don’t make it to the theater, these are still a great collectible to give anywhere you go. Everyone will love them, but more importantly you will be giving out the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater gift than that!

You can purchase them at www.livingwaters.com. The Hobbit Collectible is absolutely beautiful and they are only $8 for 100…what a deal!