Evangelism Tip

“April showers bring May flowers.”

Did you ever hear that? That’s what they used to say when I was a child. Of course we didn’t live in Arizona so it was true. Here is Arizona we don’t typically have a lot of April showers but we sure had quite a few in March, even hail. You just never know.
So here is an easy evangelism tip for any weather condition. First of all, arm yourself with biblical, innovative, fun, gospel tracts such as the business card size IQ tests, the million dollar bill, and the wallet. All of these can be found at www. livingwaters.com. The business card IQ tests slip easily into the credit card slot at the gas station while pumping your gas. The next person in line will take it out to insert their credit card and guess what…they’ll read it while pumping their gas.

They can also easily be slipped into many things people buy. Have fun going to Big Box Stores, Costco, etc. and putting them in the tackle boxes, appliance or other items that are packaged. They can be put in pockets of clothing. The ideas are endless! We are commanded not to steal, so don’t. Just “add.” Livingwaters receives many calls from people telling them they found their tract in an item they purchased and it gives them a chance to further share the gospel with them.

The million dollar bill has many uses besides thanking someone a million.
When in line at the bank drive thru, after your transaction, slip the bill back into the tube and leave it for the next person. They think you forgot some of your money, but they don’t try and chase you down to give it back. You’ll be long gone before
they figure out it is a tract. If some of the bills get crumpled, they are not ruined. Just drop them beside a car door in a parking lot. I guarantee it will be gone when you get back.
These also make great book marks so slip them in books at the store, especially the occult section, self help, or world religions. Magazines at the Drs. offices make a good hiding place for them too.
Also this tract fits nicely in the prepaid envelopes that the credit card companies and all those other solicitors like to send. I used to hate those offers, now I get excited! I slip one in and mail it back. I didn’t ask for their mail and they need what I am sending. You never know what God will do through that.

Now for the really shy ones…the wallet. It is meant to be found. Just walk along and drop anywhere you want. It’s easy and not intimidating at all. Don’t throw it, that draws attention. Just casually drop it in a mall or parking lot and watch what happens. If someone is honest and tries to give it back, just say, “Keep it, I’m rich!”
We are rich, rich in Jesus Christ.
Well there you have it, easy evangelism ideas whether rain or shine. Go have fun and seek and save that which is lost!