Evangelism Tip

March is a busy month with parades, parties, and celebrations. This month Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter (Resurrection Day) will be celebrated so I wanted to share with you some fun easy ways to evangelize using these events.

There are some colorful “Lucky Bucks” with the Lucky Charm leprechaun on the front that are a fun tract to hand out at St Patrick’s Day parties, parades, or just in general to people you come in contact with this month. They love them and it’s as easy as saying “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

If you want to be more incognito, you can fold them up and easily slip them into the cases of beer and soda that people will be buying at the grocery store for their parties. They are actually on sale right now for$4.00 for 100 at www.customtractsource.com.

Also at the same website are million dollar bills with the face of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns on the front. These are wonderful to give out and say “Happy Easter” When the world thinks Easter is about bunnies, baskets, and egg hunts, it is nice to share the real reason why we rejoice—Christ’s resurrection!

Here’s a fun tradition my friend shared with me that you too can do with your kids or grandkids to make Easter more meaningful. I wish I had known of this sooner. She covers a table with a sheet hanging down to the floor to signify the tomb where Jesus was buried. In the morning when the kids awake, the sheet has been pulled back and a sign is there that says, ” He is not here. He is risen!” And there are candies sprinkled on the table for the kids to enjoy with the sweet news of our risen Savior.
Her children have been excited over this tradition their whole lives. They are now in their 20’s and still enjoy coming over on Easter and seeing the sheet pulled back with the sign, “He is risen!”

He is risen! The tomb is empty! Christ defeated sin and death so that we might live! Now that’s reason to celebrate!