David: Shepherd, Poet, Warrior & King

A good portion of this school year our messages and small groups have been focused on one of the Bible’s greatest heroes, David.
Liken unto Abraham & Moses, understanding David’s presence in the Old Testament and his influence in the New Testament is vital to our Christian walk. It is even more important to our youth, because David is introduced to us in the Old Testament approximately at the age thirteen years old. David was a youth amid many of his most difficult struggles. Samuel anoints him as king as a teenager and David’s life continues on a winding road leading to the throne of Israel. One of the most difficult things he dealt with was rejection. Consider the following passage (I Sam. 18:12-13):

“12 Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul. 13 So Saul removed him from his presence and made him a commander of a thousand. And he went out and came in before the people.”

David was rejected by King Saul and many of us don’t truly understand the damage this could have caused if David wasn’t as in tune with God. David was King Saul’s Armor Bearer, personal psalmist, his son’s best friend and David championed the Israelite army against Goliath victoriously in Saul’s place. In a general context King Saul was like his mentor or coach, so to be rejected by your king would have been devastating to most. David stood strong anyhow, because he knew what God had anointed and called him to do. He knew that God was faithful. Be encouraged as you go through life, knowing that our identity and destiny is not attached to the approval of men, but to the anointing that God has placed on our lives through Christ Jesus. What has God anointed you to do? Whatever it is, be careful to not let the rejection and betrayal of others to deter or delay your journey to get to the place God has prepared for you.

If you are not convinced, check out I Sam. 18:14-15:

“14 And David had success in all his undertakings, for the Lord was with him.15 and when Saul saw that he had great success, he stood in fearful awe of him.”

Bro Ray

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  • Sunday Mornings: Bible Study, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. @ Hamilton High School