Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign

The Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign is back! Behold, children are a blessing from the Lord!

Did you know that nearly 50% of all pregnancies are unintended by the parents? 40% of those precious children end up murdered through the sin of abortion. It’s not just happening “out there” somewhere. It is happening in our communities.  It’s happening in our churches. Look at this shocking graph.


Refuge in the Desert is a Christian frontline sidewalk counseling ministry that stands in the gap for life and souls.  We have been privileged to see God rescue many babies this last year through RITD, to hear their stories, to see their pictures, to walk alongside of/ and participate in a massive baby shower for the moms who chose life. Your change made a difference! Your CHANGE helped to change minds and save lives!

Once again you have an opportunity to help ‘rescue the perishing’. Every cent counts! Not only does it help to preserve life, but sinners hear about the “greatest gift of all” the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power unto salvation.

Here’s how it works:
Watch for the baby bottles in the FBC lobby on Sunday January 18, 2015. Take one, or two, or three home, or to work. You have 5 weeks to fill it up! Bring your bottle back on Sunday, February 22. If you don’t have enough change, feel free to put in cash or a check (made out to FBC, with a memo for Refuge in the Desert.)

Dear church family, because of your amazing generosity last year, literally thousands were given the gospel, babies were rescued from death, Christ was exalted, and God was glorified.

Please prayerfully consider once again helping us to affect real change this year…with your change! We thank God for you!

To God be all the glory,