Parent Connection (March 20, 2016)


Today’s lesson... Word was getting around about Israel and God’s victories. Last week, we learned how the Gibeonites tricked Joshua into thinking that they were travelers from a country far away from Canaan. When Joshua learned the truth, he made the Gibeonites their slaves. Well, it turns out that the Gibeonites were allies with the king of Jerusalem, meaning that their power was now decreased. Therefore, King Adoni-Zedek joined with four other kings and decided to attack the Gibeonites. Although the Gibeonites deserved to be attacked, Joshua couldn’t dishonor the treaty he made … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (March 13, 2016)


Today’s lesson... Your kids have learned about the victories of Israel in the Promised Land as a result of God’s leading. Today, they learned that Canaan (the Promised Land) was scared. Word spread about Israel attacking city after city and succeeding! The Gibeonites were next. Their plan was to overtake Israel but changed their minds after hearing how Israel had conquered other armies. Instead, the Gibeonites got sneaky. They came in dirty, worn-out clothes and pretended to be ambassadors from a faraway country. Their end goal? They wanted the Israelites to promise not to attack … [Read more...]

The Ostriches are Coming!


Friday, March 11 –Sunday, March 13 What? The Chandler Ostrich Festival began in 1989. The event has grown to become one of the premier festivals in the southwest, with 250,000 to 350,000 people attending the 3-day celebration each spring. The popular festival is based on Chandler's colorful early history of ostrich ranching, which included raising these unusual creatures for their stylish and expensive plumes. Where? The festival takes place at Tumbleweed Park, on the southwest corner of McQueen and Germann roads, featuring live ostrich races and ostrich-themed activities, … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (March 6, 2016)


Today’s lesson... I hope your kids are learning a lot as we teach the Bible chronologically in Children’s Church! Personally, I always find the Bible and God’s power fascinating. Today, your child learned about the next attack at the city of Ai. As Joshua 7 opens, God tells the Israelites to go into Jericho and take all of the gold, silver, brass and iron and bring them to the treasure of the Lord. One soldier named Achan, however, disobeyed and took the metals for himself. Again, as Joshua had done with Jericho, he sent spies in to check out the strength of the city. The city was … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (February 28, 2016)


Today’s lesson... What a fun day we had today! There was a lot of noise and demolition going on! Today’s lesson was called Victory Over Jericho—Joshua 5:13 - 6:27. As you know, the Israelites have been preparing to take Jericho back and today your child learned how God (and the Israelites) had victory! First, the Israelites camped outside the walls of Jericho in Gilgal. Then, the celebrated the Feast of the Passover. They remembered how God spared their firstborn when they put the blood over their doorposts. Then, God gave instructions which were a little unexpected. He told … [Read more...]