Parent Connection (May 8, 2016)


Today's Lesson... Your kids learned about Samson today. Remember the guy who had the really long hair and couldn’t cut it? At the beginning of our story in Judges 13, we learn that the Israelites, AGAIN, did evil in the sight of the Lord. Are you understanding better about the cycles in Judges? A faithful man named Manoah and his wife lived in Israel. They were childless and desperately wanted a child because it was considered shameful to not have one. An Angel appeared to Manoah’s wife and told her she would have a son! He was going to be set aside for God’s use, and he was not … [Read more...]

TV Totes


TV Totes are projects so easy you can do them at home in front of the TV. Between now and Vacation Bible School, you will see a lot of them on the wooden Children's Ministry table in the foyer. Instructions and supplies are inside. Pick one that interests you and don't forget to fill out the attached slip. Family-friendly totes are labeled and easy enough for children to do. Questions? Please contact Tonya. Thanks! … [Read more...]

New Thursday Ladies Bible Study Beginning

Agents of Babylon

Beginning Thursday, May 5 at 6:30, using Dr. David Jeremiah’s “Agents of Babylon” with study guide in FBC room A129. Childcare provided with reservation. For more information please contact the Church Office for more information. - Understand how the End Times are closer than we think - Explore the prophecies, dreams, and visions of Daniel - Enjoy an in-depth study and a dramatic retelling of Scripture - Understand what the ancient city of Babylon was really like - See the staggering parallels between Babylon & the culture of our day - Understand how the spirit of Babylon is … [Read more...]

Women of Grace Planning Meeting

Monday, May 16 at 6:30 p.m., FBC Anyone interested in planning a women’s activity is invited to join us and bring all your ideas! For more information, contact the Church Office for more information. … [Read more...]

LIFT Ladies in Fellowship Together

A group of single, divorced and widow ladies who enjoy working on projects and fellowship with others.  We welcome you! Saturday, May 21, 9:30 a.m. Please Contact the Church Office for Location and Contact details! We will be working on Operation Christmas Child … [Read more...]