Parent Connection (July 5, 2016)


Today's Lesson... Well, as we all do, Samuel gets old. Israel knows that one day he’ll die, and they wanted a replacement to lead them. Apparently, God wasn’t a good enough CEO. The Israelites told Samuel that they  wanted a king, just like the other nations around them. 1 Samuel 8:6 says, “But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, ‘Give us a king to judge us.’ And Samuel prayed to the Lord. “ Remember that Israel has never had a king before. They had a leader who spoke for God, but they never had a king because God wanted to be their King. He told Samuel to warn the … [Read more...]

“What Song Are You Singing?”

At the writing of this article, my heart is saddened at the news of the passing of an incredible singer, song writer, musician, friend, worship leader and follower of Jesus Christ, Luke Garrett, at the age of 57. Luke was in the middle of a recording project with Robert Sterling (our guest conductor at Christmas) and suddenly died of a heart attack. A man with an incredible talent, unique and unbelievable voice, with a heart to follow hard after God. Everyone who knew him would say that he was taken home way too young. The fact remains that God is sovereign and knows exactly what He is … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (June 27, 2016)


Today's Lesson... Israel is still a mess. Samuel has grown into a godly man, but Eli, the priest, continued to tolerate the sins of his sons, Hophni and Phinehas. As you might remember, the Israelites are in the process of taking the Promised Land back from those who took possession of it, so this part of the Bible is full of battles. When the Philistines came to fight Israel, they clobbered them! The Israelites lost 4000 soldiers that day. Some of the Israelite men suggested they take in the ark of the covenant with them next time. That would be sure to bring them luck! Of course, they … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (June 19, 2016)


Today's Lesson... We just finished the books of Judges and Ruth and started in 1st Samuel today. Our lesson began with a couple named Elkanah and Hannah. Hannah had no children but prayed and prayed for a son, promising him to the Lord. One day, she was praying in the tabernacle, and Eli, the priest, heard her. After hearing her request, he blessed her. Finally, Samuel was born, and Hannah loved him dearly. She raised him in godly training, always loving God most. When Samuel was about three years old, she took him back to the tabernacle and met Eli. “Do you remember me? I knelt … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (May 15, 2016)


Today's Lesson... Last week, the kids learned about the beginning of Samson’s story. Today, they heard the end. God used Samson to judge Israel for 20 years. Israel and the Philistines continued to be enemies, and the Philistines were frustrated by Samson’s strength. Well, I, for one, have always been a sucker for long hair, and the long hair apparently attracted a woman named Delilah as well. God always intended for the Israelite line to remain pure, but over and over again, the Israelites gave in to their selfish desires and married outside their lineage. Although Samson was … [Read more...]