Parent Connection (December 6, 2015)

ChristmasTree (Custom)

Today’s lesson Did you ever have tinsel on your tree growing up? My Mom made the tree look so beautiful with tinsel, but I never had the patience for it. Tinsel can be tricky. If it’s done right, it can make a really gorgeous tree, but it can also hide the pretty lights and ornaments underneath so that all you see is tinsel. If you ask any child who goes to church on a regular basis, “What is Christmas about?” most will say, “The birth of Jesus.” Let’s be honest, though. If we told our kids that we weren’t going to have any presents this year, and instead we were going … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (November 22, 2015)

ChristmasTree (Custom)

Today’s lesson We just started on the new series Christmas Tree—Decorate Your Heart. Each week will have a theme. Today’s was Ornaments, and the bottom line is “Like ornaments on a tree, all are welcome at the manger.” Chances are, your tree is like mine.  As I pull out the ornaments (A dog and I are the only females in the house, so decorating is a one-woman show), it’s a walk down memory lane. I have collections of baby’s First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Christmases for both of my boys, an ornament from our first Christmas together, lots of ornaments given by kids from … [Read more...]

AWANA Bible Hero Night


Parents, don't forget to help your child dress for Bible Hero Week this Sunday (11/15/2015) at AWANA! They can dress like any Bible character they want (except Satan) - David, Abraham, Esther, Mary, Jesus, Paul... Here's a commercial to get those Bible Hero juices flowing!   … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (November 8, 2015)

Kaleidoscope (500)

Today’s lesson We finished the Winter Games series today with Go for the Gold! Something that I’m passionate about is challenging kids to be like Jesus. I think we all know that He’s our ultimate example, but we settle for adequate instead because, well, nobody’s perfect. Today’s lesson was about preparing and persevering toward the “prize” of Heaven. One of the things Olympians need is a Coach. Someone told me once, “Tonya, if you keep relying on yourself to get to where you want to be, you’ll never reach your goals because you’re trusting the same person who got … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (November 1, 2015)

Kaleidoscope (500)

Today’s lesson Today’s lesson in our Winter Games series was called Wipeout. The bottom line is this. When we wipeout, God’s forgiveness allows us to get back up and start over. … [Read more...]