Bless The Lord Every Day

“I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.” (Psalm 145: 1-3)

Every Sunday I am blessed to lead you all in worship. What a joy to hear your voices raised in praise to the Lord. This scripture reminds us of how great God is. He is so great that we are charged to praise and bless his name every day!

I have to confess, though, some days I am so distracted by the “poodles” of life. (Poodles are small dogs that can bark and be “yappy”. Now one poodle is not so bad, but a pack of poodles “yapping” can drive someone crazy.) Maybe you have a pack of poodles yapping at you in your life. When I allow myself to be distracted by the “poodles”, my eyes are not focused on God’s greatness and I forget the power and goodness of the One I serve.

Dear Lord, help me I pray, to bless your name every day, not just on Sundays. Keep my eyes on your greatness, and help me to not be distracted by the “poodles” in my life. Help me to revel in your awesome name forever and ever. A-men.

Let’s keep Praising Him!

Bro. Kevin