Bible Study Awareness

You are invited to Bible Study Awareness on Sunday, October 30, after all
Worship services. This will be a time to find the perfect class for you and your family! We will have new Bible Study brochures listing all of our classes with class descriptions, and someone from each class available to answer any
questions you might have.

Refreshments will be provided!

Why Bible Study?

  • Improves your Bible knowledge.
  • Assists your spiritual growth.
  • Provides a place to belong.
  • Helps you build meaningful relationships.
  • Gives you opportunities to serve and minister.
  • A place for the whole family—Bible study, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. Gain the assurance of knowing every member of your family is involved in weekly, small-group Bible study, which is growing their Bible knowledge and helping them grow spiritually.

Parents of young children, if YOU are not attending an adult Bible Study class, please consider joining a class of your choice. As you know, young children do what you do, say what you say, and act the way you act. As our children grow up, they start NOT listening to what we say, but they WATCH what we do. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing we can do for our children and ourselves. It will keep our families together forever in eternity.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 30!