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Lottie Moon Post Office


Lottie Moon Post Office officially opens on Sunday, December 7! If you're not familiar with the Lottie Moon Post Office and what it's all about, here's the gist. Lottie Moon is a dearly-remembered Southern Baptist Missionary who served in China in the 1800s. The reason she is so dearly remembered is because of her influence on how the Southern Baptists viewed and supported missionaries. Southern Baptists knew mission work was important, but they didn't realize how much support missionaries needed from the home base, let's say, in order to spend their time doing what they were called to … [Read more...]



Merry Christmas! You are no doubt aware that most stores no longer allow employees to say those words to customers. However, I am afraid we are so focused on the word Christmas, that we have forgotten the word Merry. Christmas is a time to be merry because we celebrate the coming of the Messiah into our world. The shepherds were merry, the angels were merry, the wise men were merry, and certainly Joseph and Mary were merry. This year don’t just think of Christmas, but think of Merry Christmas! Bro Paul … [Read more...]

What are you grateful for?

Someone asked me today, “What are you grateful for?” That was a good question. We talk about having a grateful spirit or attitude, but how often do we really list out in our minds what we are grateful for? Well it made me think specifically about what I was grateful for. So I want to share some of my list with you. I’m grateful to God that because of Jesus’ provision on the cross, my sins (all of them) are forgiven. I’m grateful for a mother and father who gave their hearts to Christ and showed their children how to live by faith. I’m grateful for a precious wife, who … [Read more...]



Captain Arthur H. Rostron commanded the Carpathia, which was a passenger ship much smaller than the Titanic of the rival Cunard line. Upon receiving the distress message from the Titanic, Captain Rostron fired up the boilers to aid the sinking ship as quickly as he could. After rescuing as many as he could, Rostron led the survivors in a prayer of remembrance for those who perished and thanksgiving for those who survived. Titanic’s Captain Edward Smith thought nothing of navigating through the ice field. He had even said “I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to … [Read more...]

Hooked Ministries Presents


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Sing Out For Missions

Gospel Concert

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Emperor Theodore of Ethiopia had held a group of 53 European captives for four years. The prisoners included missionaries and a British consul. Queen Victoria wrote letters pleading for the release of the captives. Theodore refused and held the prisoners in a nine-thousand-foot-high fortress deep in the interior of the country. At last the queen ordered a full-scale military expedition from India to march into Ethiopia. The goal was not to conquer the country and make it a British colony, but to rescue the tiny band of civilians. The invasion force included 32,000 men, heavy artillery, … [Read more...]

Diapers and wipes, diapers and wipes!


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Biblical Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, life is filled with a variety of different kinds of conflicts. While it is tempting to try to create our own process on how to deal with these conflicts, it is important each of us understands Jesus’ biblical model on how to resolve conflict (Matthew 18:15-17). 15 (Step 1) “If your brother sins against you go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. 16 (Step 2) But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three … [Read more...]