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Easter is the highest day of the Christian calendar. I have often heard preachers say Easter ought to be no different than any other day since we should celebrate Christ’s resurrection every day. While that sounds very pious, it is really not true. I celebrate my marriage every day but our anniversary is still a special day in our calendar. While we do desire to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior from the dead each and every day, Easter is still special. It is the day we gather together to focus on the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. The fact that we set aside a specific day … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

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  Easter Egg Hunt for Preschoolers & Children. Saturday, April 8, 10:00 a.m. - Noon. Crafts, puppets, and candy! Invite your friends and family! It's FREE! … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (April 2, 2017)


Jesus Chooses Disciples A lot of Scripture was covered in today’s lesson. We have Mark’s, Luke’s and Matthew’s account, so there was a lot of bouncing around from verse to verse. After Jesus was baptized, his earthly ministry began. He knew His time on earth was coming to an end, and it was time to prepare a team so His message would continue to spread. The kids were asked what kind of men they would choose for this job. How about you? What gifts and personalities would you look for? Most important, though, is the willingness to obey, follow and serve. These men needed to submit to … [Read more...]

Equip Family Nights

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Equipping families in the way they should go - Friday, April 21 at 6:00 p.m.   Parents and Grandparents, If you haven’t participated in Equip yet, I hope you’ll join us this month. Over the past three months, we’ve learned, prayed, and served together. This month, we’re going to tie-dye T-shirts for Operation Christmas Child! Registration is $5/person and the deadline is Sunday, April 16, which is also Easter Sunday. For your convenience, you can register and pay online here.       Schedule for the year: January … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (March 19, 2017)


Jesus’ Birth and Early LifeYou may wonder why we’re teaching about Jesus’ birth in March. Our curriculum teaches chronologically so your child will understand how the Bible transitions. The topic of Jesus’ birth landed in March. Besides, any time is a good time to teach anything from the Bible, right? Eight days after Jesus’ birth, Mary and Joseph took Him to the temple and named Him. The name Jesus means “the Lord is my salvation.” BTW, your child learned this week and last week that the custom “back then” was to name a child when they were eight days old, not immediately, … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (March 12, 2017)


God Breaks His Silence Imagine your husband or wife or parent giving you the silent treatment for 400 years. That’s how long God had been silent after the temple was finally rebuilt. Today, we learned how God broke His silence through Zacharias. Remember the story of Abraham and Sarah? Abraham was 100 years old when Sarah finally gave birth to their son Isaac. Well, Elizabeth, Zacharias’ wife, was also “too old” to have a baby, but God makes the impossible possible! In Luke 1, God sent an angel to Zacharias and told him Elizabeth would have a baby! Spoiler alert—this baby was … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (February 26, 2017)


As you may know, we have been learning about the Bible in chronological order. Last week, we learned about the completion of the temple, and next week, we will dig into the New Testament. For some reason, our curriculum barely scrapes the surface of the Minor Prophets. Therefore, today, we watched What’s in the Bible, Volume 9, which did an excellent job of explaining the last books of the Old Testament.     Have you thanked a Volunteer today? Every week, when you walk into church, you’re surrounded by Volunteers. Volunteers open the door and greet you with a smile. … [Read more...]

Marriage Built to Last Small Group


Money, in-laws, sex, arguments … we all want a healthy, loving marriage, but there are so many real issues that can stand in the way. Research has shown that over 50% of marriages are ending in divorce. That is why we've partnered with Pastor Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge Radio Program, financial guru Dave Ramsey and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner to tackle the common issues couples are facing in their marriages today. Marriage: Built to Last isn't your typical marriage study. Throughout the series, you'll watch 24 real life couples from across the country share candidly about their … [Read more...]

Parent Connection (February 19, 2017)


Today was a good lesson for teaching your child that God will accomplish His will no matter what. King Cyrus was on the throne, and he was a pagan king; however, he released God’s people to return to Jerusalem, 42,300 of the Jews (some stayed behind)! He even gave them thousands of items that King Nebuchadnezzar had stolen so they could get back home and begin work on the temple. The day they completed the foundation was a great celebration. In fact, our memory verse was Ezra 3:11, which tells of their hearts as they praised God. The work on the temple continued for about four years, … [Read more...]



We all know about Valentine’s and Groundhog days in February. But here are some things you may not know about. February is: American Heart Month, An Affair to Remember Month, Black History Month, Canned Food Month, Creative Romance Month, Great American Pie Month, National Cherry Month, National Children’s Dental Health Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Weddings Month February has these holidays - 1 National Freedom Day, 2 Ground Hog Day, 2 Candlemas, 3 Feed the Birds Day, 3 The Day the Music Died - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in … [Read more...]