Adult Classes Meeting at Hamilton High School

Bible Study Classes are offered for all ages at FBC Chandler.  We have preschool classes meeting at FBC, and all other classes meet across the street at Hamilton High School at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.



HHS Room E107

Come and join us each week as we share God’s Word.  Meet new and not-so-new friends as we study and fellowship together.



HHS Room E110

A wonderful class for women who study God’s Word together, to help guide them in the real world day-to-day aspects.



HHS Room E102

A community of parents, who are striving to know God, grow spiritually and raise their families based on biblical principles, by studying the Bible together.



HHS Room E104

Here you will be honed, sharpened and refined.



HHS Room E106

Have your children grown and left the nest? Or, maybe you have no children, boomerang children, or, maybe they are almost ready to “fly away”.  Come and fellowship with us and continue your spiritual growth with solid biblical teachings from God’s Word, which equips adults to live with God-given purpose in today’s world.



Meets in the office at the church

We have open discussions and use the Bible Studies For Life series, written for seniors.  Our class has caring and loving members who are always expressing their love for one another.



HHS Room E205

A study geared towards young adults, ages 18-30.  In a post-modern society, this age group is especially bombarded with a lot of

philosophical nonsense and is statistically the age in which most people fall away from true, saving faith.  We aspire to learn Biblical truth, how to apply it to our daily lives, and how to better present Jesus to the world. Please join us, armed with your best questions and prepare to get deeply into the Scriptures.


THE STAR CLASS (We…Seek Truth and Respond)

HHS Room E106                           

We wholeheartedly welcome singles and couples of all ages, and emphasize the historical context of Scripture while providing current day applications.  Our class is participatory (versus lecture).



HHS Room E108

We are seeking to become more like JESUS by studying and living God’s Word.


ORIENTATION CLASS (9:30 & 11:00 a.m.)

Rotating Teachers – HHS Room 111

This is a 3-week class for new Members and prospective members Become better informed about our church and our ministries. All new members and prospective members are encouraged to attend this class which meets the first three Sundays of each month.  On the fourth and fifth Sunday, there will be no class. It is not necessary to take the classes in sequence.