Isaac Watts is known as “the father of English hymnody.” As a young man he became increasingly disturbed by the uninspiring psalm singing in the English churches. They only sang songs that came directly from the book of Psalms in the Bible. Concerning that type of singing he said, “The singing of God’s praise is the part of worship most closely related to heaven; but its performance among us is the worst on earth.”

During his life, Isaac Watts wrote over 600 hymns. He was one of the first people to write songs that had lyrics other than just verses out of the Bible. He was vilified by many in his day, but his belief that songs could be written for congregations that move us to worship won out over time.

We are blessed that men like Watts took the heat for writing contemporary music. The next time you sing an old hymn remember men like Watts who have gone before us and given the church great worship music. The next time you sing a new song rejoice that God is still leading people to write great worship music. We should rejoice that music is such a significant part of worship and we stand in a long line of song writers that God has raised up. 

                                                                       Psalm 65