A Note From Our Pastor

Greg and Becky would join me and Jerri every year at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday to go out and watch all the people acting crazy for the deals. Now the stores are all open on Thanksgiving evening and they have ruined our tradition. I hate that!

You know, no time of year is as full of tradition as the Christmas season. Some families decorate the day after Thanksgiving while others wait until Christmas Eve to get the tree and decorate it. We’ve all seen the house that requires permission from the power company because there are so many lights and yard decorations (not the Smith house I can assure you). Perhaps your family takes turns opening presents or maybe your family is like ours. We call it “rip and roar,” which is where everyone launches into the presents and in five minutes everything has been opened.

Traditions are important because they connect us to others and to our past. They bring a sense of comfort into a chaotic world. I know that traditions can become sacred and be over-emphasized or stale and lose their meaning. However, I hope whatever your family traditions are at Christmas you will enjoy them and see the meaning in them. I also hope you will take a little time and reflect on the foundation of Christmas— Jesus coming into the world to save

Bro. Paul preaches from the Bible using ESV.