A Note From Our Pastor

The year was 1621. Governor Bradford decreed that the Pilgrims would hold a day of thanksgiving for the harvest. President George Washington proclaimed November 26, 1789 as a national day of thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln named it a national Harvest Festival on November 26, 1861. For the next 80 years the holiday was proclaimed each year by the President and the governors of each state. In 1941, Congress passed a bill designating the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day. That history is interesting, but it leaves out a serious question. To who is thanks given? Many historians will tell you the early settlers were thanking the Indians for their generosity. Ha! That is a total re-write of history. They thanked God for His care for them. I often wonder “what do atheists do on Thanksgiving?” I don’t know, but I know Who my family thanks. The same God the Pilgrims thanked on that November day almost 500 years ago.

Bro. Paul preaches from the Bible using ESV.