We have an XBox One and an XBox 360 still laying around. Everyone in my family knows my favorite XBox game ever is Mustang Racing. You can play in single mode or compete against other drivers. Other games can be single, multi-, or co-op games. We have played many hours of Halo (in all its variations, though Reach is my personal favorite). We sometimes play on-line against others, but the most fun has been playing against other family members on-line. Recently, we have been playing Diablo co-op. That means we are on the same team together. As we move through the levels we earn new abilities, weapons, defenses, etc. to make our characters better.

The Christian life is the same. We work together and as we move along God “upgrades” us. In the game no one goes from a basic character to an awesome character on their first upgrade. It takes a long time and many upgrades to become awesome. The Christian life doesn’t go from basic to awesome quickly. It takes a lifetime of small improvements to grow and mature in the faith. Don’t be frustrated at your slow progress. Stay with it and over time you will grow more and more into the person God wants you to be.

Bro. Paul

(Bro. Paul preaches from the Bible using ESV.)