Children’s Musical


May 15 & 16  6:00 p.m.  FBC Chandler … [Read more...]

Takin’ It To The Streets


On Sunday, May 2, Hamilton High School is unavailable for Sunday School.  Instead, we’re going to take it to the streets!  We’ve come up with a list of opportunities for you to share God’s love with others and make a difference in our community! Below is a list of service events planned and the names and contact information for people who are leading these events.  Pick something that appeals to you and contact the leader for more information. Afterward, let’s meet at Tumbleweed Park for hamburgers and hot dogs.  Please bring a side, salad or dessert to share. Sing during … [Read more...]

Reading the Old Testament


Many, if not most, churchgoers struggle reading the Old Testament. It has all kind of strange places, people, customs, rules, worship, etc. While it takes a lot of study to really grasp the Old Testament, one of the things that will help you is to understand the perspective of Old Testament writers. About 2/3 of the Old Testament is written in poetry. While Hebrew poetry was very different from our own, one thing they both have in common is imagery. Poetry is all about creating images with words. When you read the Old Testament, look for the image the writer was trying to describe. That’s … [Read more...]

Faith & Family night


Arizona Diamondbacks game Faith & Family night Saturday, July 3rd. For tickets, contact the church office at 480-963-3439 … [Read more...]